Most of these publications can be read at

Peer-Reviewed Papers

2018. Archaeology and Art. Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, Springer

2017. Buildings Archaeology Without Recording. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology 4.2

2016. Standing Buildings and Built Heritage. Post-Medieval Archaeology 50:1 (with Adrian Greene)

2012. Archaeological Explorations of Duration in the Contemporary City. Performance Research Journal 17:5

2011. Is the present day post-medieval? Post-Medieval Archaeology 45:2 

Edited Volumes

2018. Site-Responsive Archaeology: Between Place, Things, and People. ISRF Bulletin, Issue XV

Book chapters

2019. Photographing Buildings. In Hicks, D. and L. Macfadyen. Archaeology and Photography.

2019. The Spectre of Non-Completion. In Holtorf, C. and A. Hogberg. Heritage Futures. Taylor and Francis

2015. Human-Environment Relations in Built Heritage and Urban Places, Past and Present.  In Verdiani, G. and P.Cornell. Architecture, Archaeology and Contemporary City Planning. Florence.

2014. Public Art and Archaeology in Changing Urban Places. In Verdiani, G. and P.Cornell. Architecture, Archaeology and Contemporary City Planning. Florence.

2013. Two Riots: The Importance of Civil Unrest in Contemporary Archaeology in Graves-Brown, P. R. Harrison and A. Piccini 2013, The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the Contemporary World. OUP

2013. Archaeology, politics and politicians. In Dalglish, C. 2013. Engaging the Recent Past: public, political, post-medieval archaeology. Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology Monograph Series. Maney Publishing

2009. An Archaeological Avant-Garde. In Horning, A. and M. Palmer. 2009.Crossing Paths and Sharing Tracks: future directions for the study of post-medieval Britain and Ireland. Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology Monograph #5. Maney Publishing

2007. Offices. In Penrose, S. 2007. Images of Change: an archaeology of England’s contemporary landscape. English Heritage


2011. A True People’s Archaeology. British Archaeology, June/July 2011

2009. Shopping and Digging. British Archaeology, March/April 2009

2007. Bristol Broadmead: art and heritage in urban regeneration. English Heritage Conservation Bulletin, Issue 56. Autumn 2007

Book Reviews

2016. Review of Marking Time: Performance, Archaeology and the City. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology

2015. Review of Historical Archaeologies of Cognition. Antiquaries Journal 95

2015. Review of A Primer on Modern World Archaeology and Exploring Atlantic Transitions. Post-Medieval Archaeology 49:2

2014. Review of On the Periphery of the Periphery and The Same Under a Different Sky. Post-Medieval Archaeology 48:2

2013. Review of Beyond The Dead Horizon and The Archaeology of English BattlefieldsPost-Medieval Archaeology 47:2

2012. Review of Memories From Darkness and Dialogues in Cuban Archaeology. Post-Medieval Archaeology 46:2

2011 Review of Aftermath and After Modernity. Post-Medieval Archaeology 45:1



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