EAA 2018 Call for Papers – ‘Archaeology and…’ Inter-disciplinary working in planning and design

Gwilym Williams, Nevila Molla and I are organising a session at the EAA conference in September 2018 looking at the potential for archaeology and heritage to take advantage of connection with other disciplines to become something more when a situation demands it. Details as follows:

#748 ‘Archaeology and…’ – Inter-disciplinary working in planning and design

Across Europe, archaeologists work alongside ecologists, architects, master-planners and more, but also find ourselves engaging with artists, politicians, academics and others as part of the multi-disciplinary environment that planning and design create. Those common enough processes that bring different disciplines together don’t always survive intact as they move from project direction to ‘boots on the ground’ site investigation. This session will investigate opportunities for creative engagement with other disciplines that take us beyond simply doing the things existing policy and guidance tell us to do. We will identify different kinds of archaeology that take advantage of working with other disciplines to do something more than what might ordinarily be expected and contribute to the development of archaeological practice more widely. How does multi-disciplinary working differ across Europe? How can we create strategies to help each other develop? Should we aim to be more consciously inter-disciplinary as individuals or does it work best at project management and curation levels? Is there an archaeology-ecology practice that differs from an archaeology-architecture practice? Should these different cross-over practices be the work of specialists or should we all be thinking differently? This session will examine the potential for multi-disciplinary exchange and working in planning and design to change the way we approach sites and landscapes. We welcome papers from practitioners and theorists interested in new ways of doing archaeology in tandem with other disciplines. We welcome equally papers from practitioners of other disciplines who work alongside archaeologists and think we could be doing something different.

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