Help me investigate Chester!

We’re moving to Chester where I’m starting a new job. Now, Chester’s not exactly new to me, I grew up in a village not far away, but I’ve barely been back since I went to university and am really looking forward to discovering the city again as an adult. That’s where you come in!

I’m fascinated by the little projects, actions, tasks that people use to get to know new places. Maybe you walk a transect or around the outside. Perhaps you look at signposts, graffiti or churches. Some of you take photos, draw, write. Or maybe you listen. Collect? Look for traces of long-gone parts of town? In the past, I’ve done all sorts to get to know new places and spaces: collecting, writing, tracing, cleaning, I’m up for most things.

I would really love to hear your suggestions for things I could to to start the process of being in Chester again. Please comment below or on Twitter and we can get things going. I’ll consider anything, though might speak with you to tweak things to make them practicable. Feel free to make suggestions for me alone or for the whole family.

I’ll post about everything we do so you can see where your ideas lead…

A few things to think about:

  • I lived nearby until I was 18 so know my way around
  • But that knowledge is mostly restricted to the centre of Chester rather than the suburbs
  • COVID precautions apply, parts of the city centre have a one-way system
  • Things for the whole family need to not be much longer than an hour
  • I won’t post pictures of my daughter online
  • Please assume only basic technology and technical competence
  • If I’m on my own a 10 mile round trip is probably my limit for walking
  • If you want to use the historic landscape as inspiration, I’ve marked the approximate location of our house on the 1899 OS below. It’s about 30 mins walk to the centre of Chester.

With that in mind, let me know your ideas. How should we get to know Chester?


2 replies on “Help me investigate Chester!”

As a Roman city, does Chester have any fine examples of Roman lettering? I also confess to having left the North West when I was 18, so I am envious that you are returning to Chester. Would love to do some research on ‘graphic heritage’ in Chester, should any projects come to mind. Perhaps I’ll visit you one day.

Hmm, I’m not completely sure. There is a good collection of Roman tombstones in the Grosvenor Museum and lots of pottery with LEG XX on it. Who are you urbanobservatoryleicester, your blog seems to have been deleted…

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